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Why Join the rose team?

Downtown location|High walk in traffic


Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary is Ogden's fastest growing tattoo shop! Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary is located in a prime location with lots of walk-in traffic. Our downtown Ogden location is within walking distance to amazing restaurants, bars, music venues, and more. Artists at Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary enjoy discounts from a number of local restaurants and venders. 

Premium Apprenticeship program

Are you just getting started on your tattooing career? Let us help you! 

Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary takes pride in its apprenticeship program, helping artists transition their artistic ability from the page to skin. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills with 1 on 1 training with experts in the field. We have industry experts who specialize in a wide variety of tattooing styles allowing you to explore and practice with many techniques and methods to find the perfect one for you!

Most apprenticeships can be completed in as little as 3-5 months, with the ability to tattoo and earn in the later stages of the apprenticeship.


Fill out an apprentice application today to save your spot! 


Professional & Safe working environment

Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary's primary motivation is to promote individuals who normally receive discrimination within the tattoo industry. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment or bullying, and an equal opportunity hiring policy. The team at Sacred Rose is dedicated to creating a safe, professional space for all with an emphasis in protecting women, members of the LGBTQAI+ community, and other minority groups. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we protect marginalized communities!

We love our Gay, Trans, and Queer friends! 

exclusive Access to community events

Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary is involved with a variety of community activities  in northern Utah and beyond. Sacred Rose is one of the only tattoo shops in Ogden to be involved with the Ogden Art Stroll and the Ogden Arts Festival. We also attend a number of other events in Northern Utah that can help you expand your client network. 


Let’s Work Together


Equality.                 Diversity                    Passion

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