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Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary takes pride in providing a clean, professional experience that will make both people new to tattoos and piercings as well as experienced tattoo lovers feel right at home. Our artists are experts at working with you until you feel like your design is perfect! 

*Prices are subject to change depending on exact design, please contact your artist for an exact quote. 


Piercing prices (starter Jewelry Included)

Ear Piercings
Lobe                                                                                                    1 piercing $50, 2 piercings $75
Cartilage (Ears)                                                                                    1 piercing $60, 2 piercings $110
Daith (Migraine Piercing)                                                                     1 piercing $60, 2 piercings $110
Industrial Piercing                                                                                $85 

Facial Piercings
Eyebrow                                                                                              $60
Bridge                                                                                                 $75
Lip                                                                                                       1 piercing $50, 2 piercings $110
Nostril                                                                                                  $60
Septum                                                                                                $60

Body Piercings
Nipple                                                                                                 1 piercing $60, 2 piercings $110
Navel                                                                                                   $60

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Shop minimum Tattoo $80-$100.

This is any small tattoo from 1 to 3 inches across with simple detail. Script, simple outline tattoos, symbols, artificial freckles, and more fit in this category.

HAlf Day tattoo (4-6 hours) $500-$600

A half day tattoo lasts between 4 and 6 hours. This will include most sticker tattoos, paw prints, and more. Reach out to your tattoo artist to find out what your final price will be!

Full day tattoo (8-10 hours) $800-$1,000

A full day tattoo will take between 8-10 hours. This will include most half-sleeves, large custom designs, partial chest/back pieces, etc.

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Call us at (385) 370-5449 to get an exact quote or talk to a tattoo artist!

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