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the rose TEAM

Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary is working to end harassment and abuse within the tattoo industry by employing strong anti-harassment practices and taking all cases of abuse seriously. Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary is one of the first tattoo shops to talk openly and honestly about the prevalence of abusive practices such as hazing, bullying, harassment, and gender discrimination within the tattoo culture. Support our quest to end harassment and abuse within the tattoo industry!

Tattoo's are more than just a passion, they are a lifestyle. Tattoo's influence the way the world views you and even the way you view yourself. Because of this, the Rose Team takes every tattoo very seriously and will work with you to create the perfect art piece for your body. 

Whether you are getting a your first tattoo or your 10th tattoo, The Rose Team will work with you to create the perfect piece of art you can carry with you forever, everywhere you go. We have worked hard to create a comfortable, relaxing environment for to help you put your anxieties at ease. At Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary you will receive the comfort and treatment you deserve to make your tattoo experience memorable and special!

The Rose Team is experienced in a number of different tattooing styles, from Photo color realism, American and Neo Traditional, Watercolor, Black & Grey Photo Realism and even new, innovative tattooing styles, The Rose Team can do it all!

Reach out today to schedule your FREE tattoo consultation with one of our tattoo artists! 

Rachel Rose

Rachel was Utah's youngest tattoo artist, starting at the age of 16 in May of 2015. She has been featured in newspapers and on TV! Rachel is proficient in every style of tattooing and can work to make your tattoo dream a reality. 

Annika Rivera

Annika has always had a passion for art and loves to paint and sketch in her free time. Growing up in the Ogden area Annika loves to create acrylic landscapes and realism sketches. As an adult she has been known for creating dark macabre art and woodcut style etchings. Although, she is confident in creating in any style to suit her client’s needs. ​

Artist Making Tattoo
Destiny Rose tattoo tattooing tattoos artist apprentice headshot
Destiney Rose Dunn

Destiney is known for blending energy healing services with her body art to create a truly unique tattoo experience. Destiney provides tattoo therapy at its best! She loves creating Neo Traditional tattoos


Nikki is very involved in the ogden community, attending many art markets, and being featured in local magazines such as "The Lq". Nikki is very versatile in the styles of tattoos and art she creates. She loves digital oil painting, and creating tattoos in cyber sigilism, and black and

grey with glows of color!

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